Sutton Massachusetts

Bush Katydid
Katydids are relatives of the grasshopper and cricket. This Bush Katydid belongs to the Scudderia family of katydids. More specifically it is a Scudderia furcata - a Fork-tailed Bush Katydid.

The bush katydid is a beautiful light green color, so it can blend in with ferns and light green leaves. Its wings look like leaves when folded. It has six legs and two long antennae. It is quite a gentle creature. While we were taking photos of the adult katydid, it would calmly climb onto our fingers and clean its legs. I can see why people might want to keep a katydid as a tranquil pet.

Katydids are laid as eggs. Eggs can survive the winter, and then hatch in the spring. A nymph form emerges without any wings. That nymph then molts a few times until it reaches its adult form, when it finally gets to have wings.

Click on either image below to get a full set of photos for that form.

Fork-tailed Bush Katydid nymph
Nymph Fork-tailed Bush Katydid
  Fork-tailed Bush Katydid adult
Adult Fork-tailed Bush Katydid

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