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Casella Zero-Sort One-Stream Recycling Videos
Sutton Massachusetts

I had SO much fun when I went to do a tour of Casella's Auburn facility, with their zero sort system. They literally take in giant piles of recyclables, with the glass, cardboard, paper, plastics, and everything else jumbled together. Their massive conveyer belt system then auto sorts everything into its proper location!

The tour was about 20 minutes, so it is split into two halves.

Take a look - and enjoy!

UPDATE: Casella contacted me after I spent two solid days assembling and creating these videos. They wanted me to substitute THEIR corporate, promotional videos here instead of my authentic look at how the operations actually are run. When I asked who I could talk with to get the appropriate permissions to keep my videos online, they had no interest in the matter at all.

I do not run full-page video commercials for a company. My aim here was to help Sutton residents learn more about my actual experiences at the facility. So my videos are temporarily down while I work on a photo essay of the process. I was told photos were OK, while videos were not.

Again, I will be using my OWN photos and my OWN descriptions, not Casella-provided pristine staged images.

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