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On Monday, July 30th, 2012, we took our very last kayaking trip with Bob's Ocean Kayak Prowler, tenderly nicknamed "Kermie" for its green Kermit-like color. We ended up selling this kayak on July 2nd. So this was a fond farewell trip for Kermie. Also, someone on Amazon had asked me how well I could swim in my Stohlquist Cruiser Kayaking Lifejacket. I decided this was a great opportunity for me to do some testing. We would put in at the Singletary boat launch, kayak across to the Sutton town beach, and then I would leap into the water. I would swim around with my life jacket and then see how well I could climb back into the kayak.

Kayaking to the town beach was fun, and leaping into the water from my kayak was also fun. I enjoyed splashing around in the water for a while. Then came the part where I was supposed to climb back into the kayak.

It was hilarious! I was laughing out loud the entire time. I would get nearly back into the kayak and then dump right back out again. I had the paddle perpendicular to the kayak's length, and tucked into the webbing, to act as a pontoon. That part was fine. The tricky part was getting my body turned around once up on the kayak without digging furrows into my hips. I was bruised for days later :).

Still, a good thing to practice, and a fun last trip out for Kermie! This was our 16th trip with my Venus kayak.

Here are the photos! There are sixteen photos in the set. None of my valiant kayak-climbing-experience though :) I think Bob was too busy laughing.

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