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Singletary Lake is located in the northern part of Sutton, Massachusetts. It is the location of the Sutton Town Beach. Here are photos from a delightful kayak trip on Singletary on July 25, 2012. Singletary Lake Sutton MA photo

This was our first time "really" on Singletary Lake this year. We had tried to come out in the spring, around April 15-18, but there was an incredibly powerful wind that day that was pushing towards the boat ramp. I literally could not paddle my kayak out of the entry area and into the main lake. It was like trying to paddle into a waterfall. At last I gave up on the attempt and just had fun fighting the waves, knowing I would not get anywhere. I could paddle at full steam and sit in place.

This time, thankfully, the waves and wind were much more calm. There were only a few fishing boats out on the lake, although we did see four other kayaks (two orange, two blue) as the evening wore on. It was a wonderful day to be paddling around!

My kayak is a sunrise orange Venus 11 kayak. My boyfriend's lime green kayak is a Prowler. We're happy to answer any questions about them.

This was only our fourth time out this season. We had kayaked Singletary, Manchaug, and Carpenter in April - but then between schedules and bad weather we never got out again. Finally I pushed to have us go out today, before the whole summer got away from us! I think our last trip in 2011 was the Oct 20th trip to Buffumville, which was trip #11 on our new kayaks. Then, of course, the infamous October Nor'Easter hit and wiped out any hope of autumn. So if that's true, that makes this trip here trip #15.

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The pictures on the topic of Singletary Lake Sutton MA for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea. They were all taken with a Kodak Easy Share Sport camera.

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