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2010 Elections
Sutton Massachusetts

2010 had some of the largest turnout in Massachusetts history, even though it was not a presidential election year. The governor's race was hotly contested, and there were a number of interesting ballot questions up as well. One of the interesting things about this election is that posted live results for everybody else - but Sutton was left blank until long after 4am! We were one of the only blank towns on the entire map. I don't know what happened there. I finally gave up and went to sleep, and had to find out our results the next day. My boyfriend checked during the morning while I slept and it wasn't until I woke up again at 3pm that there were finally results. It was outrageous.

Sutton had 6,743 registered voteres going in to this election so only 64% of people who were registered to vote then did vote. Why didn't all of those other people vote?

2010 Governor Race
Patrick was running for his second term, against Baker. Patrick won the state with 48% of the votes.
Charlie Baker (R) - 2,494
Tim Cahill (I) - 330
Deval Patrick (D) - 1,435
Jill Stein (G-R) - 49

2nd Massachustets / US Representative Race
Neal (D) incumbent won this race for the position of US representative. He was running against Tom Wesley (R)
Richard Neal (D): 1,647
Tom Wesley (R): 2,519

2nd Massachusetts District
2nd Massachusetts District

Worcester & Norfolk Senate Race
Moore (D) has been the senator here since 1996. In 2010 he ran against Kimberly Roy (R). Moore was the victor.
Richard Moore (D): 1,731
Kimberly Roy (R): 2,413

18th Worcester District State Representative
Jennifer Callahan (D) had been in her seat since 2002; in 2010 Ryan Fattman (R) ran against her. In what many felt was a surprise, given how long Jennifer had been in position and Ryan's youth, he won in every town.
Callahan (D): 1,326
Fattman (R): 1,628

18th worcester district
18th Worcester District as of 2010

7th Worcester District State Representative
Only the tiniest chunk of Sutton, in its Northeast corner, is part of this district. In 2010 Paul Frost (R) the incumbent was uncontested for this spot.

Repeal Alcohol Tax - Ballot Question
Alcohol only began to be taxed this past year - and voters were irate because most of the cost of alcohol was already a state excise tax. So with a sales tax on top of it, voters were literally being taxed on a tax. The state voted 52% in favor of repealing this tax.
No - 1,392
Yes - 2,834

Stop the Affordable Housing System - Ballot Question
Some felt the current affordable housing system was corrupt and needed to be fixed. However, 58% of voters voted to keep the current system.
No - 2,101
Yes - 1,971

Reduce Sales Tax to 3% - Ballot Question
While many felt the Massachusetts government is wasteful with the money it has, counter-ads talked about the shutdowns of health care facilities and school programs that would result with this passing. It failed 57% to 43%.
No - 1,812
Yes - 2,418

Worcester Sheriff
Guy Glodis finally left this post after many years, to instead run for state auditor. This opened up the field between 3 runners; the winner was Lewis Evangelidis (R).
Lewis Evangelidis (R): 2,367
Thomas Foley (D): 1,504
Keith Nicholas (I):213

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