Sutton Massachusetts

2008 Elections
Sutton Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a heavily Democratic state, but Sutton tends to be quite independently minded. For example in 2008 when almost the entire state of Massachusetts voted for Obama, Sutton was one of the only towns which voted for McCain.

2008 Presidential Race
Chuck Baldwin - CST - 8
Bob Barr - Lib - 33
John McCain - GOP - 2,734
Gynthia McKinney - Grn - 21
Ralph Nader - Ind - 62
Barack Obama - Dem - 2,359

Repeal Income Tax - Ballot Question
Interestingly NO town in the entire state of Massachusetts voted in favor of this ballot question. Usually at least someone voices an opposing opinion :) This did not pass.
No - 3,261
Yes - 1,841

Decriminalize Marijuana - Ballot Question
Only 3 towns in the entire state voted against this ballot question. Now people caught with small amounts of marijuana would be fined, rather than sent to jail. This passed.
No - 1,766
Yes - 3,339

Banning Dog Racing - Ballot Question
Interstingly when you look at the map for the yes/no vote on this one, there's a big red "NO!" circle right around the dog tracks, and then green on the rest of the state pretty much. This passed. Back in 2000 they tried to ban dog racing and it was barely defeated.
No - 2,331
Yes - 2,739

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