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2002 Elections
Sutton Massachusetts

2002 was not a presidential election year. I only currently have summary information about this election. The numbers shown are for all of Worcester county, not just for Sutton. If I can find Sutton's figures I'll update the page!

Governor Race
Romney ended up winning this race, with his Lt Gov Healey
Howell (L) - 3,507
O'Brien (D) - 99,344
Romney (R) - 140,191
Stein (G) - 8,486
Johnson (U) - 2,133

US Senator Race
Massachusetts as a state shares 2 senators in the US Senate. John Kerry (D) won this contest.
Kerry (D) - 185,384
Forsberg (D) - 718(yes a second Democrat)
Cloud (L) - 46,480

State Senator Race
The Worcester & Norfolk District had Moore win. I only have the statistics for the total vote, not just for Sutton.
Moore (D) - 37,486
Perez (R) - 13,173

State Representative Race
The 18th Worcester District had Jennifer Callahan (D) win. Again I only have total vote figures. Rep Callahan in fact lives in Sutton, and was first elected in 2002. At that time, redistricting caused Sutton to lose George Peterson, who until that point had been our rep. Callahan won reelection in 2004, 2006, and 2008.

Amorello (R) - 4,381
Callahan (D) - 6,852
Badzmierowski (I) - 4,162

Eliminating State Income Tax - Ballot Question
This ballot question to completely eliminate the income tax was defeated.
Yes - 111,111
No - 118,324
English Language in Public Schools - Ballot Question
This ballot question would have removed bilingual educaton. It did allow for personal tutoring to help children catch up.
Yes - 175,953
No - 56,775

Taxpayer Funding for Political Campaigns - Ballot Question
This was a non-binding question which asked if taxpayer money should be used to fund political campaigns.
Yes - 46,748
No - 182,891

Full Text of 2002 Mass Ballot Questions
original copy from the State.MA.US website

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