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2000 Elections
Sutton Massachusetts

I have very little information about how Sutton voted in the 2000 election. The presidential election was between Al Gore and George W. Bush. For Massachusetts as a whole, Gore got 59.8% of the vote - it weas 1,616,487 to 878,502. Nader, the Green candidate, got 6.4%.

State Representative
Rep Frost was first elected in 1996. He only represents the small top northeast corner of Sutton. Frost won reelection every election since.

There were a bunch of ballot questions:

Earlier Redistricting of districts

Prohibit Incarcarated Felons from Voting in State Elections
It appears this is a fairly standard law, with most states having laws about this. Massachusetts voted about 2:1 to not allow felons to vote while in prison.

Ban Dog Racing
This failed in 2000 with 51% of Massachusetts opposing it and 49% supporting it. In 2008 it was back on the ballot, and that time it did pass.

Reduce State Income Tax from 5.95% to 5%
This is an interesting situation. At the time the state income tax was 5.95% and the vote was to lower it to 5% by 2003. This PASSED with 1.5m for it and 1m against it. However, the state legislature refused to make the change.

Require Patient Rights from Health Insurance Carriers

Tax Credit for Tolls

State Tax Deduction for Charity Donations

Create Drug Treatment Trust Fund for Treating Drug Addicts

Full Text of 2000 Mass Ballot Questions
original copy from the State.MA.US website

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