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Sutton Massachusetts

It will be impossible for me to keep up with this schedule every week, but I'll try to post updates whenever I can. This is a tally of how the legislators for Sutton have voted on issues.

The report for the total number of days our reps reported being at the statehouse between Jan 1 and Aug 23 2007 and the total per diem charged is:
Callahan - 39 days, $1,404
Frost - 94 days, $3,384

Oct 28, 2007
H4324 - DEP can exempt landlocked, filled tidelands. Callahan - YES. Frost - YES.

H4322 - create volunteer commonwealth corps. Callahan - YES. Frost - NO.

H4322 - reduce plan to give state workers 12 paid days off. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

Oct 14, 2007
H4282 - $278m supplemental budget. Callahan- YES. Frost - NO

H4282 - $450m lottery local aid. Callahan- NO. Frost - YES.

H4282 - $450m lottery property tax aid. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

H4282 - eliminate $453k for Patrick's DC Office. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

Oct 7 2007
H4263 - allow ticket scapling. Callahan - DNV. Frost - NO

H4264 - require 3 parole board members to be behavioral science fields. Callahan - DNV. Frost - NO

Aug 12, 2007
H2876 - change tax free holiday to Aug 18-19. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

Jul 22, 2007
H4110 - let cities join group health insurance. Callahan - YES. Frost - YES

H4125 - let local plans fold into state plans. Callahan - YES. Frost - YES.

Jul 1, 2007
H4125 - fold local pension into state pension. Callahan - YES. Frost - YES.

H4125 - reduce number of local systems folded in. Callahan - YES. Frost - NO.

H4125 - rename above act. Callahan - YES. Frost - YES.

Mar 18, 2007
H19-135 - have outside company audit financial accounts in accordance with federal standards. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

H19-126 - make committees release bills by Oct 2007 instead of Feb 2008. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

Mar 5-9, 2007
H2007 / H19-135 - rejecting a motion trying to eliminate a redundant second reading by the "Bills in Third Reading Committee". Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

H2007 / H19-135 - rejected an amendment trying to get the "Bills in Third Reading Committee" to handle any bills within 24 hours. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

Feb 19-23, 2007
H3746 / H20-123 - rejecting a rule requiring the House to tell towns at least the minimum amount they'll get by March 15th. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

H2007 / H19-135 - rejecting a rule amendment which would have a majority vs a 2/3rds vote to amend a special order and allowing unlimited debate (rather than just 30 minutes). Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

H2007 / H19-135 - rejecting an amendment that said the 30 minutes of debate time should be 15 minutes pro and 15 minutes against. Right now the house speaker decides who speaks for those 30 minutes. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

Feb 5-9, 2007
H19-132, rejecting a rule requiring the House to tell towns at least the minimum amount they'll get by March 15th. Callahan - NO. Frost - NO.

H19-135, rejecting a rule saying that proposed laws a town agrees on should go right to the actual committee which would consider it rather than first going through the Steering, Policy and Scheduling committee. Callahan - NO. Frost - NO.

H19-135 - rejected rule trying to keep committee hearings from scheduling at the same time as sessions. Callahan - NO. Frost - NO.

Jan 22-26, 2007
H133-19, approved rul set for House operation for 2007-2008. Callahan - YES, Frost - NO.

H19-135, rejecting a rule requiring 2/3rds vote for session to go past 9pm. Right now it's only 1/2. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

H19-134, rejecting a rule saying roll call votes should stay open for a minimum of 4 minutes rather than 2. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

H19-133, rejecting rule prohibiting tax hikes without a roll call. Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

H19-132, rejected rule prohibiting tax hike without approval by 2/3rds of House (rather than current half). Callahan - NO. Frost - YES.

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