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Sutton Town Meeting Results

The town of Sutton voted to spend $300,000 on helping the Whittier Farm remain farmland, and also to cut $163,769 from town and school budgets due to a big budget

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Sutton Town Meeting is OVER

The Sutton Town Meeting is now complete! I have a full audio file of the proceedings plus of course copious notes. I will be posting them all shortly, so you

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Sutton Town Meeting Tonight!

Sunny, gorgeous, 52F – beautiful! Don’t forget the Sutton town meeting is tonight!!


This is VERY IMPORTANT for all Sutton residents to attend! There is a Sutton Town Meeting being held Monday, October 19th at 7:30pm at the Early Learning Center Auditorium. Article

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Transfer Station Requires Car Registration

The stickers to access the transfer station (i.e. the town dump with bins on top) have a new twist to them. You renew every July 1st – but now suddenly

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Override Passed

The town election of May 22nd ended up with the override passing – meaning the town taxpayers will now be spending over 4 million dollars to buy a parcel of

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Town Election May 22

It is critical for you to attend the Sutton Town Election on Tuesday, May 22nd! A ballot question will be presented about a multi-million dollar purchase the town is about

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IMPORTANT Town Meeting May 14th 7:30

A Very Important town meeting is being held on May 14th at 7:30pm. This involves a multi-million dollar purchase the town is contemplating. Make sure you get to the High

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Feb 26 Town Meeting

I really recommend every Sutton resident attend the Feb 26 town meeting. Sutton is planning on paying $4.5 million dollars to buy land, to put various town buildings on. They

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