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Sutton Town Meeting

arrgghh the Sutton Town Meeting was on Monday! Did they tell us? Did they post news of it anywhere? Email us? Mail us? Call us?

State Rep Map

Wow Sutton’s 18th District state rep map has been redrawn – we’re now with Douglas Webster and Oxford! A complete change of lines.

Annual Town Election

The Annual Town Election in Sutton MA is *today* May 24 2011 – make sure you get your vote in before 8pm!

Sutton Town Meeting

Only 52 residents at the Sutton Town Meeting tonight – including the officials – and everything passed unanimously. A quiet night!

Sutton MA Town Meeting

Reminder – Sutton MA Town Meeting TONIGHT Mon May 9 7:30pm at the Simonian Center For Early Learning – be there!

Sutton Spring Town Meeting

Mark your calendar! This Monday May 9th 7:30pm is the Sutton Spring Town Meeting! Be there to vote on the the new town budget of $26 million

Federal taxes are due TODAY

Federal taxes are due TODAY in Sutton MA – but our Mass taxes are not due until tomorrow Apr 19th. USPS is open. Happy Patriot’s Day!

Feb 28th – bad day for cars

Sutton MA police log from 2/28 – a *ton* of car accidents took place that Monday! Sutton MA Police Log

911 Calls

The Sutton MA police log for 3/7-3/13 was full of 911 calls, almost double, and for odd things. Sutton Police Log

2 burglaries in Sutton

There were 2 burglaries in Sutton this past week – keep your eyes open for suspicious activity! Sutton Police Log