Category : Foliage and Plants

Aster Photos

Fall wildflower in Sutton – the lovely Aster has thin white petals and a pink core – Aster Photos

individual leaves starting to turn

65.9F in Sutton MA and there are a few individual leaves starting to turn yellow and red and orange. Fall foliage is approaching!

Sutton MA Photos

I’ve updated the Sutton MA main photo page to be easier to navigate. Enjoy the pictures! Sutton MA Photos

Goldenrod in Bloom

The goldenrod is in bloom in Sutton MA! Gorgeous bright yellow flowers – here are some fresh photos! Goldenrod Photos

Mystery Mushroom Photos

Need help identifying domed smooth bright yellow mushrooms – found in Sutton MA – Mystery Mushroom Photos

Cucumbers are Ready

85.7F in Sutton – lovely, sunny, breezes, the day lilies are all gone. Time for the rich greens of summer – the cukes are ready for harvest!

Tree vs Shrub

Tree vs Shrub – what is the difference? Tree vs Shrub

Day Lilies In Bloom

65F in Sutton, a beautiful summer day. Our day lilies are now in bloom! Orange flowers will abound in Sutton this month, they’re everywhere!

Dandelions are out!

62F and sunny in Sutton – the dandelions are out! Use the heads for dandelion wine, and the greens for a tasty dandelion salad! Free food!

Daffodils and Forsythia

Daffodils and Forsythia are both in bloom in Sutton! Gorgeous fields of yellow on a beautiful springtime day. The crocuses are now gone.