Category : Foliage and Plants

Back Porch Yoga

A gorgeous day for back porch yoga – the rain has held off! Here’s a marigold from my back yard. Did you get outside today?  

Yellow Wildflower

Gorgeous day today – I’m on the back porch working via my laptop. Who can name this yellow wildflower in my lawn? Are you guys out enjoying this perfect weather?

Crocus Photos

I have crocus! I have crocus! 🙂 What is growing in your garden?

mystery plant

Here’s a fun mystery plant. This just started “blooming” today – who can name what it is? #massachusetts #autumn

Boston Ivy

Boston Ivy. It does have 3 leaves at some of its growth stages, but this is not poison ivy. Boston Ivy


This is growing at my front steps. I’m pretty sure it’s not poison ivy – but what is it?

Poison Ivy

Another poison ivy test! Is this plant poison ivy? If not, what could it be?

Poison Ivy Quiz Time

Poison Ivy Quiz Time! Is this poison ivy? If not, do you know what it is?

Tawny Day Lily

Here’s the first tawny day lily of the season; I took the photo yesterday. Today I have 3 more! Do you have any yet?