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Here’s Sheba, one of our latest tadpoles to develop arms! Sheba is at the “salamander tail” stage :). #froggies


Two more froglets have sprouted arms! I’ll try to post photos of them soon. It is so much fun raising tadpoles :).

Tadpoles and Arms

This is a great video to see the arm development of the tadpoles. You can see the fingers move! One has a few fingers about to be “born”. Tadpoles and

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Leopard frog tadpoles

Leopard frog tadpoles are growing arms – you can see them beneath the skin. They emerge fully formed Leopard frog tadpoles  


Spot and Leo hanging out in the water tank. Spot, on the left, is nearly tailless now and ready to upgrade! #froglet


Prince is nearly tailless – he’s still quite tiny, though! We’re making up a separate tank for him. #froglet #tadpole Here’s a photo of Spot, who has a longer tail

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Froglet Name

  This froglet needs a name! What name should we give to this little cutie?

Toothless the leopard froglet

Toothless the leopard froglet is nearly down to the no-tail state! He’ll be moving to the #froglet tank soon :).

Fred ate a cricket!

Fred ate a cricket! Fred ate a cricket! We moved Fred and Kermie into a new terrarium with a little pond and crickets. He caught one!

Tadpole Name

This #tadpole now has arms and is in need of a name! What do you think we should name him?