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Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs on our wall – we got some great new photos! Soon to be added here Daddy Long Legs

Triple crown of spiders!

Wow we just caught 3 spiders in a row! Two look like sac spiders, we’re taking photos right now. Guess it’s the summertime air!


I adore fireflies. Here is a photo of a firefly during the day, with the lovely orange stripes on its head! Firefly Photo

Net Winged Beetle

Net Winged Beetle – gorgeous Halloween colors of orange and black! Net Winged Beetle Photos

Wolf Spider Photos

We found a wolf spider in one of our birdhouses that we were cleaning out for the fall. Wolf Spider Photos

Hover Fly – Bee Mimic

The Hover Fly looks like a bee, but it is actually a harmless fly that enjoys flowers! Hover Fly Photos

Spiders and Bug Photos

A gently rainy day – the perfect time to add in some more spider and bug photos to the Sutton pages! All photos were taken in Sutton. Sutton Animal Photos

Sutton Bird Photos

Ten types of Sutton birds are now documented in our bird pages! More will be coming shortly. What bird in Sutton is your favorite? Sutton Bird Photos

More Spider Photos

I’m adding in more photos to the collection of animals and creatures found in Sutton! Come on by and see! Sutton MA Wild Animals

Need Help with Spider Identification

I’m building a set of pages with photos of animals, birds and other creatures that are found in Sutton. So far I have three mystery animals – all spiders –

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