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Rainy Season

It’s raining again – I don’t think we’ve gone more than 2 days without rain in quite a while. On the upside, the greens around here are *gorgeous* – a

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Fireflies in Sutton

Last night was the first night we’ve seen fireflies this year! It’s always such a lovely sight, seeing the little yellow fireflies flitting around in the back yard.

SuttonMass RSS Feed Running

I’ve got the RSS feed running! Hurrah! You can now sign up for the RSS feed and get alerts when this site is updated. Enjoy! In other news, the orange

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146 Mall Update

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a mall going in on Rte 146 across from the post office. Originally it was going to be an upscale, brick and cobblestone mall.

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New Maps Added

I love maps! I’ve added some new maps I have worked on, that show Sutton from a sattelite view with the borders clearly marked. It’s pretty neat! Sutton Maps

Happy New Year!

We still have snow on the ground from previous storms, and a fresh set of flakes are falling! What a lovely way to start a new year. Happy 2006!

Frigid Cold Temperatures

It was bad enough that we were hit with three snowstorms in a row last week – with one of them causing complete white-out conditions. We still have 1 foot

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Stray Cat Found

A stray cat has been seen since 10/20 east of 146 at the Central Turnpike area. If you know the owner of this cat, please contact me at this website.

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2005 Foliage Photos

The 2005 foliage season has begun, albeit very slowly. So far only a few leaves are turning. Watch week by week photographs at the foliage area of this site –

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