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Usually we’ve had snow down solidly since Thanksgiving around now – but we finally are getting snow to stick! It looks very pretty and white out there. Time for those

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So Far – Little Snow

We had just under a half inch of snow last week, but it’s amazing that things are still so snow-free in Sutton. In past years we’ve had snow come down

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Vote Nov 7th

Here is how you figure out where to vote in Sutton (or any other town in Massachusetts) Massachusetts Election Locations

Foliage Season 2006

We finally started to get some leaves turning at the *very* end of September! I’m posting photos every few days now, to chronicle the autumn foliage. Enjoy! 2006 Autumn Foliage

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Al’s Trucking for Trash Containers

I just finished using a 10 yard trash container from Al’s Trucking again, to handle a remodeling project we were doing. I highly recommend them! Their prices are FAR lower

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Nasty Heat Wave Over

Wow, for a few days last week we had temperatures in the mid to high 90s that approached 100F in terms of how it felt. The orange day lilies seem

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Donation Pick-Up

LOL I was writing up the Big Brothers Big Sisters and how they would pick up donations at your house – and now they’ve discontinued that in Sutton. It figures!

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Rainy Season

It’s raining again – I don’t think we’ve gone more than 2 days without rain in quite a while. On the upside, the greens around here are *gorgeous* – a

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Fireflies in Sutton

Last night was the first night we’ve seen fireflies this year! It’s always such a lovely sight, seeing the little yellow fireflies flitting around in the back yard.

SuttonMass RSS Feed Running

I’ve got the RSS feed running! Hurrah! You can now sign up for the RSS feed and get alerts when this site is updated. Enjoy! In other news, the orange

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