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Tornado Warning

We’re having some torrential downpours today and apparently there’s even a tornado warning for the region! There was a famous tornado which hit Sutton in 1831 – read all about

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Transfer Station Requires Car Registration

The stickers to access the transfer station (i.e. the town dump with bins on top) have a new twist to them. You renew every July 1st – but now suddenly

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Happy Memorial Day!

We had lovely sunny weather for the early Memorial Day weekend, and today we got some much needed rain for our flowers and gardens!

Peepers Deer and Turkey

Wow, spring is definitely here! We’ve had two separate deer sightings recently – one a lone deer, and another time four deer as a group. The peepers are out every

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Recorded Phone Calls

Sutton has been deluged for many months now by a carpet cleaning company which has “computer recordings” harassing residents at all hours. That is illegal. In order for the calls

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Primary Results are In

On the democratic front, Sutton voted 59% Clinton, 37% Obama. Massachusetts as a whole went 56% Clinton (as of 3am). On the Republican side, it was 56% Romney, 39% McCain,

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First Snow of 2008

These photos were taken after 8″ of snow fell on January 14, 2008. This was our first real snow of the season, although snow had been on the ground pretty

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Merry Christmas!

The blanket of snow, the beautiful sunshine, it really was a lovely Christmas this year. It was also fun to watch the almost-full moon last night, with Mars being so

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More Snow!

Our first real winter storm! We have about 10″ of snow down on the ground right now. A light dusting is still falling gently. It’s a light, fluffy snow!


We had our first snow of the season on November 20th. It was a gentle snow, and did not accumulate, but it was very pretty to watch it come down.

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