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Prince is nearly tailless – he’s still quite tiny, though! We’re making up a separate tank for him. #froglet #tadpole Here’s a photo of Spot, who has a longer tail

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Aspen Allegations

I need 2 more reviews on Aspen Allegations cozy romantic mystery to do promotions. If you’ve read it, please post 🙂 Aspen Allegations  

Neptune’s Car

Sutton band Neptune’s Car is playing this Thursday July 31st 7pm in Framingham! Mark your calendar! Neptune’s Car  

Aspen Allegations

Polished up Aspen Allegations’s cover to give it more contrast. Right is the new version. Thoughts? Aspen Allegations on Kindle The photo shows the actual location the dead body was

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Froglet Name

  This froglet needs a name! What name should we give to this little cutie?

Toothless the leopard froglet

Toothless the leopard froglet is nearly down to the no-tail state! He’ll be moving to the #froglet tank soon :).


A lovely, lovely yoga session on the back porch. Hummingbirds flitting, Juliet stretching, bees buzzing, and marigolds. Soak in life. #yoga


I’m a little afraid – I’m using reddit for the first time ever. I’ve had a sense they can be trolly in there. I hope they will be gentle! I’m

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Aspen Allegations

Last call to grab Aspen Allegations cozy mystery romance while it’s FREE! Please share! Aspen Allegations  

Fred ate a cricket!

Fred ate a cricket! Fred ate a cricket! We moved Fred and Kermie into a new terrarium with a little pond and crickets. He caught one!