Drive Slowly and Carefully!

Drive Slowly and Carefully!

Many newcomers don’t realize it at first – but Sutton is a very rural town! Just in the past week I have seen a wild turkey ambling across a road, seen three deer nibbling on the grass at the side of Central Turnpike and seen a hawk flying low on an on-ramp to 146. A few weeks ago we were driving the speed limit on Central Turnpike – watching the roadside carefully – and even so a deer burst from the bushes and we had to slam on our brakes to avoid hitting it.

Drivers who drive over the speed limit pay the price in car repairs. A few weeks ago I was waiting to turn onto Central Turnpike about dusk. I watched as westbound traffic slowed and stopped for a deer who was ambling quietly across the road. Then a female driver came speeding along eastbound and – literally – did not slow or stop before plowing into the deer. The deer was walking slowly! Traffic was stopped! Apparently the woman’s car was totaled. I wonder what she was doing rather than watching the road.

The lesson here is that our Sutton roads are full of wild creatures. I have seen streams of frogs, raccoons, possums, snakes, flocks of turkeys, and of course many deer. Drive the speed limit. In some towns it’s just the law. In Sutton it’s to keep you from slaying wildlife – and totaling your vehicle.

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