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Merry Christmas!

The blanket of snow, the beautiful sunshine, it really was a lovely Christmas this year. It was also fun to watch the almost-full moon last night, with Mars being so

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More Snow!

Our first real winter storm! We have about 10″ of snow down on the ground right now. A light dusting is still falling gently. It’s a light, fluffy snow!


We had our first snow of the season on November 20th. It was a gentle snow, and did not accumulate, but it was very pretty to watch it come down.

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Foliage Season 2007

Well, this has been an odd year for foliage. Back in early September, the aspens and a few other yellow-leaf trees went yellow suddenly, and then lost their leaves. But

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Override Passed

The town election of May 22nd ended up with the override passing – meaning the town taxpayers will now be spending over 4 million dollars to buy a parcel of

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Town Election May 22

It is critical for you to attend the Sutton Town Election on Tuesday, May 22nd! A ballot question will be presented about a multi-million dollar purchase the town is about

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IMPORTANT Town Meeting May 14th 7:30

A Very Important town meeting is being held on May 14th at 7:30pm. This involves a multi-million dollar purchase the town is contemplating. Make sure you get to the High

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Spring is Here!

OK, it’s official, we now have non-freezing weather all the way up through the first week in May, which is when most gardening charts say the last freeze is likely

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Spring and Snow!

Can you believe it’s spring? There’s still a layer of snow on the ground, although it is melting through in many spots. The sun is shining warmly today, and things

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St. Patrick’s Day – 8″ of snow

Usually in March we have crocusses (crocii?) growing and flowering – but this St. Patrick’s Day we have at least 8″ of snow on the ground, covering everything. I know

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