medieval novel Finding Peace - 5/22/2017 5:42:42 PM
So stoked! My medieval novel Finding Peace was chosen for a BookBub promotion on June 11! I'm honored and am now counting the days :).

If you guys haven't advertised with BookBub yet I highly, highly recommend it. They're pricey - my ad run is about $300 - but they vault you into the top 10 of the entire Amazon system and you easily make far more than that in profits.

For those who keep trying and get turned down - make sure you've got a solid set of reviews. Next, do you tweak the description and cover before each new submission? If you just resubmit the same thing they turned down it's likely they'll turn it down again. I had to tweak my covers and descriptions MANY times before finding the combination they liked. And it's fair to say these guys know what they're doing - if they like it, the readers are drawn to it. So tweaking for BookBub is really a lesson in marketing in general. You get instant feedback as to whether it's right yet or not.

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Lakes, Rivers, and Forests

  • Lake Singletary

    330 acres of water-based fun. Sutton also has a town beach on the lake.

  • Manchaug Pond

    A beautiful 344 acres including several campgrounds and a public boat ramp.

  • Blackstone River

    Great for caoing and kayaking. Tricentennial Park is located at Singing Falls.

  • Purgatory Chasm

    A stunning landscape carved out by glaciers, and featured in The Sea of Trees.

  • Sutton Forest

    Twisting nature trails enjoyed by birders and mountain bikers alike.

  • Merril Pond

    This state reservation was once part of a fish hatchery program.

  • Blackstone Valley National

    Beautiful golf course with a patio restaurant

  • Pleasant Valley Golf

    Private; was once a stop on the PGA and LPGA tours.

  • Green Living

    Whatever you choose to do in Sutton, keep it green! We are a Tree City!

Experience Sutton's Beauty

Purgatory Chasm

Make sure you wear hiking shoes if you're heading into the chasm!

Singletary Lake

A town beach, a public boat ramp, and stunning beauty.

Manchaug Pond

Several campgrounds plus a public boat ramp means wonderful access.

Blackstone River

Be sure to visit Tricentennial Park and the Singing Falls.